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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Youth Culture Killed Andres Dog

Andre the Giant vs. Dick Murdoch 6/13/84 - GREAT

PAS: This was a pretty short match, but full of joy. Both guys are such expressive wresters that even in a HH you can see all of their shtick. Andre starts out the match trying to intimidate the ref and it really fun to watch heel Andre just be evil. He tries to back Murdoch into the corner and smush him, and when Murdoch slips out, Andre points to his head to compliment Murdoch on his smarts. We also get great punches and great punch sells by both. Finish was cool with Murdoch unable to lift Andre for the brainbuster, so he maneuvers him into the corner for the calf branding. Murdoch fights for the branding, but ends up getting thrown off the top and sat on. Big ass Andre sitting on you is an auto finish.

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