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Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 Ongoing Match of the Year List

8. Virus v. Dragon Lee 4/5

PAS: Virus held the CMLL World Lightweight Title for almost four years, and one of the highlights of the wrestling year was the four or so times he defended that title. I love Dragon Lee, he is super exciting and had a hell of a rookie year, but he isn't Virus and I am a little bummed we are losing those Virus showcases. If Virus was going down, he was going down on his sword, this was another Virus title match classic, and Dragon Lee showed what makes him such a prodigy. Both opening falls had Virus working over arms and legs in while feeding the kid some counters. Third fall was nuts with Virus coming on like wolverine in the opening tearing at Lee's legs and throwing him around, Lee comes back with some crazy flying spots including a corkscrew tope which was breathtaking. I did think the finishing double stomp could have been bigger for ending a four year reign, but this was up there with Virus's best stuff with that title

ER: These two always match up nicely and all of this was very satisfying. Virus really gave Lee a bunch here, really put him over strong. Virus definitely brought something to main event style title matches and I'm not sure Lee will be up to that task, but I'll eagerly watch anyway. All the opening mat stuff was good, but you knew that. All of Lee's flying stuff was on point and set up nicely (Virus was so great at setting up Lee through this whole match), loved little details Virus brings like getting reversed into a post to stun him to set up a Lee rana. Too often we see guys just waiting around to catch a rana. Virus brings grace and logic to these types of spots. CMLL main event tercera 2.9 counts can be brutal. Big move, kickout, both guys lie there breathing hard. Then it's the other guy's turn. It's horrible. Here the tercera actually is filled with engaging nearfalls that are smartly structured and show that the format isn't completely busted, just needs a slight tweak. I also wish they played up the four years with the title more, but I thought Virus did a great job putting over the double stomp, which is a spot that can come off fairly forced. Really good match.


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