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Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Tuesday is French Catch Day: Bordes! Bouvet! Payen! Boucard! Ramirez! Menard! Di Santo! Zorba!

Walter Bordes/Gerard Bouvet vs Pierre Payen/ Daniel Boucard 8/28/78 

MD: I missed this one last week (the footage at the end of this decade is a little harder to organize) but it was another match in front of the Breton folk group, pipes and all. Long first fall, short second fall. Not a ton of drama as the stylists took most of it and even when Bordes got trapped in the corner late in the match, for instance, it was just to set up a comeback spot and another tag. That said, there were some really good individual exchanges in here, especially when Boucard or Bouvet were in the ring and especially against each other. That's not to say Bordes or Payen weren't good too but there was just more smoothnesss and imagination from the other two. One standout was Boucard pressing himself up into a very unique dropping headbutt (as opposed to a bridging knee drop for instance) and then immediately missing a dive to the outside. Just that level of imagination and energy. He also had a nice flurry of strikes at one point and stooged later on when it was time to take offense, very complete wrestler from this look at him. Bouvet had more of Ben Chemoul's flare to him, using Leduc's headstand headscissors (and the announcer invoked Leduc by name), and having a number of slick takedowns and spots. So this was enjoyable and probably gif-able but hardly weighty enough to stand against some of the other tags we've seen lately.

Paco Ramirez vs Jean Menard (JIP) 11/12/78

MD: We get the last 9 of this one. It's a swimming pool match but that really doesn't come into play except for Ramirez trying to push Menard out a couple of times. After a brief flurry of dropkicks by Menard earlier in the footage, the rest of this is all Ramirez. His stuff is very credible, but not terribly dynamic. Even when he lifts Menard up, it's really just to press him into the corner and hit him some more. Again, nothing we necessarily have a problem with, and they worked in some more direct and clear hope spots and cutoffs than what we usually get, as matches tend to be more back and forth than this. Ramirez pressed the advantage and ultimately got DQed as he pressed the ref (apparently Bollet's brother) just a bit too much. Post match, he had a staredown with the arriving di Santo, so maybe that was to build to another match.

Michel di Santo vs Zorba 11/12/78

MD: Zorba's sporting quite the look, another masked monster, but this one in blue and red superhero garb (looking a decent amount like Atom Smasher, actually). Michel di Santo, on the other hand, reminds me a bit of Greg Gagne, kind of lanky, not his dad, still perfectly decent. Zorba mostly threw hammering blows and tossed di Santo around the ring, but he had some big strength spots as well, a press up gutbuster, a tombstone. I'm not sure about the look for a monster heel, even in 79, but he had size and presence, very imposing in the ring once he got going. The ref called it after the tombstone but the beating continued and when he tried to get in the way of it, Zorba tossed him in the drink and di Santo soon after. At that point, they made a pretty big deal about him ending up in the water when he had been knocked senseless and the danger of it all. Pretty dominant introduction for the masked man, even if there's nothing particularly Greek about him. I'd have paid to see Bordes try his luck against him, for instance. 

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