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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

On Brand Segunda Caida: Necro Butcher in IWA-EC

IWA East Coast is this weird IWA offshoot which has been running in West Virginia forever, its was always available but not super disseminated, tons of it is on IWTV now so I want to grab some good looking Necro matches

Necro Butcher vs. Brain Damage IWA-EC 11/23/07

PAS: This is a first round match in the Masters of Pain tournament, and has to be up there with Necro's greatest death matches. Brain Damage is a rectangle headed death match guy who made his rep on especially hard punches and headbutts, so a natural heavy handed match up for Necro. The first part of this match was really tremendous, worked as an arena brawl with both guys pasting each other with hard shots, and Necro taking a package piledrive on the bleachers and a double knee drop which smushed his head on a chair. It also has maybe the most violent barfight spot I can remember with Brain Damage and Necro just unloading with jaw adjusting shots. The middle section has a bit too much construction for my tastes, with Brain Damage especially taking a long time to set up a barbed wire net between the guardrail and the ring apron. They got back to the bread and butter at the end with both guys just standing and throwing punches until Damage got the knock out with a fireman's carry into a punch, which honestly didn't totally work. Still this was incredibly violent stuff, with most of the match being hard violently brawling.

Necro Butcher vs. Roderick Strong IWA-EC 2/4/09

PAS: Necro versus indy darling is one of my favorite match types ever and this was a great version of that. Strong has been very good for a long time, hits very hard, has a lot of skill, but can be a bit mayonnaise. Necro is a guy who can bring the spices though, and this was a great blend. It actually starts with Strong trying to grapple with Necro, taking him down and trying to work a cross armbreaker. Of course it breaks down to a fight, with Strong absolutely strafing Necro with chops and Necro firing back with sick chops of his own and some of his soup bone right hands. They brawl into the bleachers, and around the crowd and end up in the ring where Necro hits a diamond cutter on the edge of stood up chair, only to get his kidneys driven into the top of the chair with a backbreaker. Lots of moments where I said fuck out loud because of how hard both guys were hitting, killer stuff. 

Necro Butcher vs. Sami Callihan IWA-EC 9/20/11

PAS: This is actually a great blueprint for what an entertaining comeback Necro Butcher match could look like. Sami is really stooging it up at the beginning, Zybyzco stalling, throwing a kids drink away, talking trash. They do some arena brawling, which is mostly softcore hardcore, lots of hitting each other with plastic garbage cans, and plastic signs. Sami does take a big bump down the bleachers, and Necro is chopping hard, but this isn't dangerous stuff. Sami clips the knee, and really works it over, which is a nice showcase for Necro's selling, an underrated part of his game. Necro makes a couple of valiant comebacks, and eventually steals one with an inside cradle. Necro with sick violence and crazy bumps is awesome stuff, but he is really good at working as a hometown hero pulling one out, and if this is the kind of thing we get out of a Necro return tour, just smart safe wrestling, I will be happy.

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