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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Lucha Worth Watching: Demus! Fly Star!

Demus vs. Fly Star ANLLEL 2/29/20 

PAS: Nothing like an old fashioned gritty Demus brawl. Fly Star isn't much in this match, but he goes ahead and opens up his forehead a bunch. Demus takes him out to the parking lot and leaves a nice blood smear on someones PT Cruiser, and Demus grabs a lady's cigarette and extinguishes it on Fly Stars head, staining her dress with his blood. What a gross little troll he is. I wish Fly Star's comeback was better as he doesn't really match Demus's attack, still worth watching for the filth.

ER: This was a pretty by the books Demus crowd brawl, but by the books Demus is a thing I am fine with right now. I didn't care for the match when Fly Star was involved. At one point he goes to hit a prostrate Demus with a chair and aims that thing at concrete a foot past Demus. It looked like he was trying to squash a spider, not beat a bridge troll. Jokes on him though, because whether you stiff him up or not, Demus is going to beat the hell out of you; Fly Star should have gotten his licks in while he had the chance. I think Demus's brand of through the crowd brawl holds up better than a lot of this stuff, because he populates the empty spaces with more punches and headbutts than most people. If there's ever any moment where you think there's too much walking hair holding, it typically ends immediately with Demus biting face. Both guys bleed, and my favorite parts of the match come when Demus drags Fly Star into the parking lot. Demus flings Star onto the hood of a car in a real cool way, with Star falling off on his head. But Star hits a nice moonsault to the floor and finishes with a big in ring moonsault after burying Demus in chairs. He earns that win by getting punched and headbutted a ton by Demus, the exact kind of thing you come into a Demus match to see.

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