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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Mae Young Classic 2018 Episode 3

Kaitlyn vs. Kavita Devi

ER: This was a showcase for the returning Kaitlyn, out of wrestling for 4 years, and apparently going through a "tumultuous divorce" in the meantime. I remember Kaitlyn getting better during her original run, eventually being a perfectly fine WWE trained fitness model. I liked her here, nice sliding clothesline, hard elbows, nice cannonball. I remember enjoying Devi more last year, in what was apparently her first match. Here she didn't stand out much, hit an okay kick to the back, whiffed a missed clothesline by a mile. This was meant to make Kaitlyn look good, and it did that well enough.

Toni Storm vs. Jinny

ER: I liked this one, and really liked Jinny. I'd never seen her before, and she carried herself great. She's got a bird bones body, like Sweet Dee or a Sikh Summer Rae. She packs a nice wallop with her long limbs, nice thrust on stomps, nice surfboard, great attitude, broke out some cool things (like reversing a charging Storm with a Japanese armdrag into the corner), and her biggest strength may have been her fast bumping. She really SUWA's herself on a Storm lariat and gets absolutely dumped by a Storm German. Storm's running hip attack in the corner looked good, and I expected Storm to advance, but I know we're going to get a few ladies advancing who I don't want to see more than Jinny.

Karen Q vs. Xia Li

ER: Okay, WWE, we get it, only ONE Chinese girl will be advancing in this tourney. And I really liked this. Li has improved a lot in the last year, all of her strikes looked good, tons of tough corner shots to the body mixed in with low kicks, nice palm strikes, and Q had no problem laying things in either. They have a couple moments that looked like a nice take on Red/Low Ki, and I dug Q playing an overt heel, begging off, kicking Li in the face when Li was talking to the ref, stuff that made the match far more interesting than if it had just been "two Chinese warriors going to war!" Q hits hard back elbows and snaps off a nice exploder, tries to ground, and Li's strikes to come back are good. Q misses big on a frog splash and Li hits her cool spinning kick finisher. This only went about 4 minutes, but was really hot, and made really good use of the time. Very into this.

Mia Yim vs. Allysin Kay

ER: Eh, a lot of this felt like every breathe hard indy war you've seen the past few years, and while there were moments I liked, a lot of it felt like a bunch of sequences lifted from every indy card. We even started with a brutally bad phone booth fight spot, big looping punches coming nowhere close to a human. Early on Yim chops the ring post, and they never do a single thing with Yim's hand...and what makes it awkward is all three members of the announce crew talk up that hand as if it were a major part of the match. After chopping the post, Yim never let on that the hand was bothering her in the slightest, but that didn't stop Cole, Renee, and Beth from speculating just how much that hand was bothering her. Even after the match, which Yim - ahem - handily won, the first highlight they showed was Yim chopping that post, which made Cole just keep talking about that hand while clips of other stuff played. Guys, stop trying to make Mia Yim's hand a thing. These two have faced each other tons of times dating back to 2012, so you'd think they'd have a decent touring match down. This was clearly their touring match, something that would not look out of place 3 matches into any indy card across the country. Again, this whole thing just felt like an attempt to pull moments from other matches, and not interesting matches, just pulling sequences from athletic indy contests. It did not feel like their own match, it just took the DNA of other matches and reassembled it here. Kay's 360 lariat looked really good, loved Kay fishhooking Yim in the ropes, Yim threw a couple nice knees, their strike exchange (you knew there would be a strike exchange) didn't linger, but overall I just didn't think they took it anywhere interesting. This was the longest match of the tournament so far, and I think several other matches have accomplished way more in 1/3 of the time (see Li/Q right before).

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Blogger Yerfuneral said...

Tomorrow's ppv on paper looks like punishment but going to get caught up on the Mae Young Classic finally.

Kaitlyn vs Kativa
Based on the prehype this is more than a night of returns for Kaitlyn but also a bunch of Mae Young tournie returners.
this match reminded me to much of myself playing the 2KWWE games. Kaitlyns offense really limited when it came to power moves a lot of leg drops and elbows with spears and such. She is a name and a champion, big difference between current champs and Diva, so will help whoever beats her in the tournament.

Jinny vs Toni Storm

Well prepackage shows Toni with some humility I like it. I am more into character which I hated last year but her wrestling for the most part I enjoyed minus some faces and stuff so lets see how she is this year.
Like they allowed build up and slowed down stuff. TO many of this matches really don't show off both girls which sucks for one and done girls.
JInny got a showcase and I was impressed just sucked the transition pretty much changed after a kick to the head running into the corner. The Toni Storm switch up would have been nicer with a bit of showcase of her own rather than explosive move after explosive move right after taking so much punishment.

Xia Li vs Karen Q

Like they aren't going with stereotype costumes for the international ladies this year. Though the start is very stereotype looking like we might get a karate match rather than wrestling.
Karen Q has probably been one of the female wrestlers I have previously seen the most where I am pretty sure seen her more than once in ROH. Where I think she plays a heel but came out here all smiles.
The gymnastics stuff really stood out. Power moves took a backseat but the punches and kicks looked like they had great impact so this came off better than I expected after that karate match start up.

Allysin Kay vs Mia Yim
Know Yim was in the Classic last year but I think know both mostly from Impact promo's on Pop during Schitts Creek and Big Brother After Dark.
Hey live audience one move doesn't make a match awesome until that point Kay has pretty much ruled the match offensively. For how long the match has been going on should have been a more back and forth or Yim put away at this point. For two veterans as played up by the announcers expected much more.

Probably best top to bottom show and unlike that episode 2 which put me off frm watching until now I am looking forward to episode 4.

3:01 PM  

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