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Sunday, April 26, 2015

There's Snow in His Hair and Black Terry Helped Put it There

Black Terry v. Psycho Kid Chilanga Mask 4/12/15 - GREAT

Old guy laying an asswhipping on a young punk is one of my favorite wrestling things, Black Terry is pretty damn great as Lucha Tenryu, taking a green lucha garbage worker and beating him him into a fun match. I'll give Psycho Kid some credit here (despite his sub IWA Deep South Carnage Cup name) he has a nice tope, a really nice lariat and doesn't look completely lost on the mat. You can do something with a nice tope and a nice lariat, and the willingness to have Terry beat your ass. This also really benefits from Juniors camera work, as we get to see some great close up shots of clunking headbutts, Terry also breaks out a fishook lungblower, which is an amazing reinvention of a stale spot, the equivalent of sprinkling a little water on a baguette and tossing it in the oven.


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